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  • Sonoma grown 100% certified organic, farm to table ingredients – try some!

  • 80 years on our family table – It’s time to put some on your table too!

  • Our Tomato Smash is a little jar of summer sun – from our garden to your family.

  • Once you taste the Smash – you won’t reach for ketchup again!

100% Organic – Made in Sonoma County!

Matt and Jen

was created as a way to showcase a much loved 80-year-old family recipe for tomato relish. We call it Tomato Smash. The Wagner families always planted a garden each year and “put up,” or canned, what they couldn’t consume all at once. Founder and CEO Jennifer Hedgpeth’s great-great Aunt Aggie started the family’s obsession with this 100% organic tomato relish. Houseguests always commented on its delicious taste and the fact that there wasn’t anything like it on the store shelf. So we did something about it, and debuted it to the world in late 2011.

Jar of tomato smash next to dish of product close upTomato Smash uses only locally grown organic tomatoes—without any cilantro or lime juice—because it’s not a salsa! It has an amazing fresh-from-the-garden flavor, a piquant and slightly sweet ambrosia-like flavor that has to be tasted to be believed.

Unlike so many condiments, our Tomato Smash has no high fructose corn syrup or anything else that is not 100% Certified Organic. It’s tangy, sweet, earthy and fantastic!

Our Tomato Smash has tied our family together at mealtimes for over 80 years. Uncle Ted called it the “clean-your-plate” relish when, as a young boy, he used it to make something he didn’t like that his mother placed on his plate go “right down the hatch” if he put a little Smash on it! Our children had to pack some Smash in their suitcase when they left for college, and pleaded for regular replacements. A family barbecue cannot be held if we are out of Smash; there’s simply no point in it. As a young mother, I was happy to provide my children with a healthy alternative to ketchup. You see, I knew just what they were getting.

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